The Debut of the Fade King

September 21, 2023

by — Posted in Gambling, Shed Stuff

All of the ShedHeads know all three Green Shed Guys by now, but very few know the FADE KING. We’re bringing you a brand-new segment this week and debuting the man himself. The Fade King comes from humble beginnings but has built an empire for those who fade him. He hails from a state with the motto “Regnat Populus”, and it couldn’t be more fitting. He is a man of the people and everyone’s favorite pill-pusher. Lock in folks because there is some cash to be made.

FK has a great card for the people and ready to make some money. Here is FK’s Saturday slate:

  1. Arkansas +17.5
  2. Notre Dame +3 (locked in with G2 and G3)
  3. Texas -15
  4. Oregon State -3

Check back for a recap of Fade King’s first week on the blog and more picks next week!