Front Door Cup: Championship Week Picks

As the regular season dust settles and the echoes of cheering crowds fade away, the championship week is upon us, bringing with it the culmination of months of nail-biting moments, last-minute victories, and unforeseen upsets. The Front Door Cup title […]

Front Door Cup Week 13

The final week of the regular season is upon us, and the Guys are feeling better than ever. Could this be the first 15-0 week in FDC history? Don’t rule it out. That is all I will say. It has […]

FDC Week 12

After several attempts to silence me, I am back (on Guy #3’s account). The coup against me has left me scarred but I have overcome, and I will limp to the finish line with my head high. It’s no secret […]

Front Door Cup Week 11 Recap

Another week, another winning card for Guy #1. Continued misguided faith in the Pokes added to G2 and G3’s losses as G1 adds to his lead in the FDC. While G3 was closing the gap, he put up a 1-4 […]

Front Door Cup Week 11

I took on emergency blog-writing duties after after G2 had some technical issues. Here are this week’s picks: G1 (30-19-1 Overall) Guy #2 (22-26-2 Overall) Guy #3 (29-19-2 Overall) Check back in for Fade King picks and to see how […]

Front Door Cup Week 10 Recap

Another Direct Deposit W for the Shed. 6-1 on the season is remarkable. The Shed is sharp as a knife when all three Guys agree on a game. On top of cashing another Direct Deposit, the Shed was 12-3 this […]

Fade King Week 10

The King put together another profitable week in Week 10, going 4-3. He moves to 19-10-1 on the season. Another big card this week will look to put money in the pocket of the people. Here is the Fade King’s […]

FDC Week 10

It was a mediocre to bad week for the Guys last week as they went 7-8 in Week 9. G3 closes the margin on G1 by a game but G1 is still comfortably in first place. Last week: G1 (2-3), […]