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August 17, 2021

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A couple of Guys in a shed on a mission. Join the trip as guy#1, guy#2, guy#3 and the “out of towner” attempt to turn a profit. With 10k, 25k, 50k goals in sight, the guys are ready to get to work.

Think of the Green Shed as the shed from Wolf of Wall Street, Aerotyne IND., a “cutting edge high-tech firm out of the Midwest awaiting imminent patent approval on the next generation of radar detectors that have both huge military and civilian applications now”. Go to the link if you’re not sure what we’re talking about.

At the center of the Shed is the color of its paint… GREEN. That’s right, welcome to the newest Baylor Blog where you’ll get the latest from the Bruins Bold. Just kidding, we’re talking money. You see when you spend most of your free time watching sports and surfing the web in 7ft x 15ft shed, you start to dream big. What if I had a bigger shed, or a man cave, or heck a yacht?

On our quest to achieve our “what ifs”, we’ll turn the shed into a business. A business built on a few principles, we’ll probably go into more details later:

  • Goals & Expectations
  • Be Better (or fake it till you make it/we’ll get to that later)
  • Enjoy it
  • When one of us eat… we all eat
  • Anything else we make up along the way

The Green Shed Guys, GSGs for short, (yeah I googled it and nothing terrible came up) will happily document our attempts at making money for our enjoyment and your own. We’ll enjoy it if we’re making money… we’re not sure why you’ll enjoy it but maybe we’ll figure that out later. (you see what I did there)

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