Recap: Front Door Cup Week 9

Well… we had a good run there for Guy #3. G3 finally posted a loss but still finished a respectable 3-2. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well for G1 & G2: Guy #1 2-3 (26-18-1 Overall) Guy #2 2-3 (19-24-2 Overall) Guy […]

Front Door Cup Week 9

Better late than never…. You might’ve thought the Guys had hung it up for the season when you checked in last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for a blog. You were then sure the Guy’s had quit when you […]

Shed Songs Season 2: Week 8

The “Guys were back in town” last week and vibes were at an all time HIGH. Last week’s picks weren’t all easy winners. Some would even say a few good breaks went my way to post the impressive 5-2 record. […]

Shed Songs Season 2: Week 7

Texas weekend fell flat… I went back to watch the film and I think I figured it out. 0 Shed hours. That’s just like Johnny football watching 0.0 hours of film for the Browns. Well let me make a GARENTEE […]

Shed Songs Season 2: Week 6

It’s official. We really did put Taylor on the Map. This week we’ll shift our focus to putting the average state of Texas on the map. Time to grab your best pair of jeans and boots and sweat out some […]

Front Door Cup Week 6

Week 5 was not kind to the author of the Week 5 blog. G2 went 0-fer. Which, if you think about it, that is just as hard as going 5-0…. So, ya. The FDC is as tight as ever with […]

Front Door Cup Week 3 Recap

I tried to tell y’all not to sleep on the Direct Deposits! North Carolina covers with ease to move the direct deposit record to 3-1. Pretty much a sure thing* at this point. Also, hope you were tailing Guy #2 […]