Shed Songs: Week 9

I feel great about the card this week. Yeah I know… you’re always supposed to feel good about your picks otherwise you shouldn’t pick it in the first place. We all know that’s not how it goes. I feel a […]

FDC Week 8 Recap

If you just made a quick glance at the results you wouldn’t get the full picture. You wouldn’t see the absolute force South Carolina was. Alabama dismantled Mississippi State in the first half, and TCU was just playing with Kstate. […]

Shed Songs: Week 8

Remember when I went on and on about a tailgate for G2 & G3… that’s this week. Sorry to all the IRS accountants I sent on the wrong trail two weeks ago. The Guys will be GIOOYSAOC’ing this weekend. If […]

FDC: Week 8

Week 8 is here and I’m ready to put my nuts on the table. We need a good week and there is a game that I’ve been eyeing since June. If I’m being honest I don’t love the pick but […]

Shed Songs: Week 7

Today’s a good old fashion Shed Day!!!! Vibes will be good, music will play, fajitas will be eaten, and money will be made. Here’s the playlist for today, feels like we’ll be play all 10 of these… FDC: Penn State […]

Front Door Cup Week 7

The Shed had a banger week in Week 6. I hope you were here for it because we had the first SHED LOCK of the year with TCU -6.5. It was sweaty but we got it done. Let’s see if […]

Shed Songs: Week 6

Hand up. I did not have my facts straight during my recent FDC blog. To the 5 of you that I’ve offended. I apologize. Whelp… now that that’s out of the way, let’s get the speaker charged for the weekend […]