Guy #1

Also known as: G1, Rainman (not like the Tom Cruise character or Alan from the Hangover)

Occupation: Engineer

Relation to the Shed: Pays the bank monthly for the land underneath it

Investment Strategy: Necessary evil; pays people to simplify investing to 3 categories: safe, moderate, and aggressive

Betting Strategy: Don’t need to be smarter than Vegas, just the average gambler. Loves using statistical models; not smart enough to make one that’s profitable

Guy #2

Also known as: G2, Dupree (The Best that Never Was)

Occupation: Builder (Professional Babysitter)

Relation to the shed: Right Recliner(closest to the charger), every Saturday in the Fall/Winter

Investment Strategy: If I haven’t seen it on reddit than I don’t want it

Betting Strategy: I’m all about feeling, some would say I’m “hooked on a feeling”. If I’m not sweating it out in the 4th, then it ain’t for me

Guy #3

Also known as: G3, Tyco

Occupation: Lawyer

Relation to the Shed: Best man in the Shed Wedding. Appliance donation leader: beer fridge and TV. Currently remote for Shed participation.

Investment Strategy: I always hop on the hype train, often too late to turn a profit. No blue chips.

Betting Strategy: No models or analytics. Twitter, tik tok and a twinkle in my eye combine for an always promising strategy.