FDC: Week 0 Recap

Not the hottest start to the Front Door Cup season for the reigning champ, Guy #1, but now that we’ve greased the gambling gears, the whole Shed is ready for a monster Week 1. With limited options last week, there […]

Guy #1 Picks: Week 0

Football has ARRIVED!!!! Football is undoubtedly the best sport on the planet. I say undoubtedly for a couple of reasons: it’s “without doubt” and I looked up the word to make sure it means what I think it means. If […]

FDC: Week 0

We are looking to start the season strong and start collecting wins on our Front Door Cup cards with this week’s picks. With only five games on the slate, it was slim pickin’s when looking for value. As you know, […]

Front Door Cup

The Shed door needs a paint job as bad as a slippery McDonald’s needs top notch lawyers. It’s been painted red in dedication to St. Nick for more than a year (and definitely not because the guys have been too […]

Why XRP?

The Shed’s history may have started in August of 2020 via CFB gambling picks, but the story dates back to the last century. The three of us have visions and definitions of what the Shed can and will be. The […]