Why XRP?

August 20, 2021

by — Posted in Finance

The Shed’s history may have started in August of 2020 via CFB gambling picks, but the story dates back to the last century. The three of us have visions and definitions of what the Shed can and will be. The ultimate goal is to turn $2,000 into $1,000,000- how we do that? Well, that’s for the blog to tell. We will document the journey showing setbacks and successes. We have 3 categories that break down our “investments” (sports betting, finance, hustle). Detailed breakdown of the categories TBD, but this will be our first “investment” in the finance category. Full disclosure, we don’t claim to be experts and we are not giving financial advice. We are primarily documenting our journey to early retirement.

Spark Notes version of what XRP(or “XRPs” if you’re talking to G1)does/hopes to do. XRP is a coin that provides financial institutions, such as banks, a way trade money from one institution to another. XRP allows them to make easy, effective, and energy efficient transactions instantly. If this makes your balls tingle, see video below for details. If not, keep scrolling.

Will it be accepted or adopted in the near future? Doubt it. Will it beat the SEC in their lawsuit? Not likely. Will it appreciate in the next 5 years? Most definitely. Why the optimism? The practicality and utility of the coin has a place in the current market. When I think about affordable investment/gamble, this one is at the top of my list.

Due to the incontrovertible evidence listed above, we bought 260.58 coins at a price of $1.15. We currently have it “staked” in a NEXO wallet gaining interest that is paid out in XRP coins daily. The plan is to swing trade it and get out around $2.50-$3(strategy subject to change, daily).