FDC Week 12

After several attempts to silence me, I am back (on Guy #3’s account). The coup against me has left me scarred but I have overcome, and I will limp to the finish line with my head high. It’s no secret […]

FDC Week 8 Recap

If you just made a quick glance at the results you wouldn’t get the full picture. You wouldn’t see the absolute force South Carolina was. Alabama dismantled Mississippi State in the first half, and TCU was just playing with Kstate. […]

Front Door Cup: Week 5

September has come and gone and the board is starting to tighten up. As the season goes on it seems to become harder and harder to find no-brainers. This week the guys will make a quick trip to Waco to […]

FDC Week 2 Picks

After 1 week everyone still has a shot to paint their legacy on the door. Vibes are high and the gambling account still has money in it. Week 2 historically is a snoozer but this week features big non-conference games […]

FDC Week 3

Week 3 is here and we are taking the Shed to Vegas. Maybe not literally but we will spend our weekend between the Craps tables and the Sportsbook. If the latter goes well we might make a $1,000 bet on […]

Why XRP?

The Shed’s history may have started in August of 2020 via CFB gambling picks, but the story dates back to the last century. The three of us have visions and definitions of what the Shed can and will be. The […]