Shed Songs Season 2: Week 5 (Taylor’s Version)

September 30, 2023

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A couple weeks ago I did my first shed songs with a theme. And ya know what? I kinda liked it. So I might just do it again.

When I started to brainstorm some themes with the assistance of G3, it hit me…. TAYLOR SWIFT. What could be more topical than a Taylor inspired playlist? (insert shrug) She’s finally starting to blow up now that’s she’s getting some screen time on NFL Sundays.

SO I figured I’d do my part and do a bit of boosting myself. I enlisted the expert on all things Swifty to make this playlist:

That’s right! This blog is brought to you by none other than Mrs. Shed Lady 3. I don’t have to give you her credentials but I will tell you that she’s been to about a zillion concerts and will soon be leaving the country to see Taylor again.

I don’t think it’s crazy to say so I’ll just say it “I think I might leave a Blank Space in the loss column today”

NC State +3.5 РRed

Already got the dub on this one. I picked the superior red team in this one. And by superior I mean lost by less than 3.5 points.

FDC: Southern California -21.5 – Look What You Made Me Do

Whoopsie USC beat Colorado by 35? Why would Colorado make USC do such a mean thing.

FDC: Clemson -6.5 – Sad Beautiful Tragic

Syracuse had their run. It was a nice run. But it’s over now. We’re about to witness a sad beautiful tragic this fine Saturday.

FDC: Kansas v. Texas U61.5 – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Pretty much every Big 12 fan feels this way about Texas. We’d for sure take you back but our public stance comes via T-Swizzle.

Georgia -14.5 – no body, no crime

There will be a murder today in Auburn. That’s a fact. However, the Dawgs are going to rough them up so bad you won’t be able to find the body. Dawgs are hungry!

Old Dominion +14 – You Need to Calm Down

Let’s all calm down a bit on giving two touchdowns to anyone against Marshall and a low scoring game. I’ll take the points (bait) with the Monarchs.

New Mexico v. Wyoming U40.5 – I Forgot That You Existed

I honestly forgot I picked this game when I was sending games to Mrs. Shed Lady 3. A fitting song for a forgettable game. In fact, New Mexico may forget their offense at home.

FDC: LSU v. Mississippi U61 – Bad Blood

It just means more in the SEC. There’s always tons of bad blood whenever any SEC team laces them up against their 8 conference opponents.

FDC: Georgia Southern -6.5 – this is me trying

I feel great about this pick. The model says so, I say so, Brad Powers even says so. If this one doesn’t hit, I got problems.

Michigan St. v. Iowa U36 – 22

Just the perfect song. If the bookmakers listed this total at 22 I would have to do some serious thinking prior to picking this game. At 36, give me the under all day long. Games got 13-9 written all over it.

Notre Dame -5.5 РAnti-Hero 

“It’s me. Hi! I’m the problem it’s me.” I just keep picking Notre Dame. It’s exhausting rooting for the anti-hero.