Recap: Front Door Cup Week 9

Well… we had a good run there for Guy #3. G3 finally posted a loss but still finished a respectable 3-2. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well for G1 & G2: Guy #1 2-3 (26-18-1 Overall) Guy #2 2-3 (19-24-2 Overall) Guy […]

Front Door Cup Week 9

Better late than never…. You might’ve thought the Guys had hung it up for the season when you checked in last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for a blog. You were then sure the Guy’s had quit when you […]

Fade King: Week 9

For the first time this year, the King didn’t have a fire week. He went 2-2 last week, moving his YTD record to 15-7-1. For you $1000 unit bettors, that’s $7,900 profit this season. Not too shabby if you ask […]

Shed Songs Season 2: Week 8

The “Guys were back in town” last week and vibes were at an all time HIGH. Last week’s picks weren’t all easy winners. Some would even say a few good breaks went my way to post the impressive 5-2 record. […]

Recap: FDC Week 7

FIVE AND ONE. The Shed has been as sharp as a knife on Direct Deposits this year, hitting at 80%. If we keep this up, Vegas may try to shut down the site. The USC v. Notre Dame Over felt […]

Shed Songs Season 2: Week 7

Texas weekend fell flat… I went back to watch the film and I think I figured it out. 0 Shed hours. That’s just like Johnny football watching 0.0 hours of film for the Browns. Well let me make a GARENTEE […]

Fade King Week 7 Picks

The King is 8-4-1 this season and back with a banger card for the people. This is your last warning, ride with the Fade King or miss out on millions. Here are the six hammer plays he’s giving out this […]