Front Door Cup Week 13

November 24, 2023

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The final week of the regular season is upon us, and the Guys are feeling better than ever. Could this be the first 15-0 week in FDC history? Don’t rule it out. That is all I will say. It has been a great regular season for the Shed (and the ShedHeads smart enough to tail our cards) and we don’t plan on sliding in Week 13.

With two weeks left in the cup, all three Guys are in the hunt. G3 would need the others to have two horrible weeks to win his second FDC title. If G1 wins 3 games or G3 wins 4, G2 is mathematically eliminated, but that is not going to discourage him from putting out absolutely razor-sharp picks.

G1 controls his own destiny with ten games left. He holds a 1 game lead over G2 (36-22-2 v. 35-23-2). With a limited slate of good games, we are bringing in a Friday night game to spice things up. Here are the games we are all handicapping this week:

  • #11 Oregon State v. #6 Oregon (Friday)
  • #2 Ohio State v. #3 Michigan
  • Iowa State v. #19 Kansas State

Guy #1 (36-22-2 Overall)

  • Oregon -13.5
  • Michigan -3.5
  • Iowa State +10
  • Pittsburgh +6
  • Clemson v. South Carolina O51.5

Guy #2 (28-30-2 Overall)

  • Oregon 1H -7.5
  • Michigan -3.5
  • Iowa State v. Kansas State 1H O21.5
  • Colorado +22
  • West Virginia -8.5

Guy #3 (35-23-2 Overall)

  • Oregon -13.5
  • Ohio State v. Michigan u47
  • Kansas State -10
  • Clemson -7.5
  • BYU v Oklahoma State o56.5

No direct deposits this weekend but the Guys all like Oregon one way or another.

FDC Overall Record: 99-75-6