Front Door Cup: Championship Week Picks

December 1, 2023

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As the regular season dust settles and the echoes of cheering crowds fade away, the championship week is upon us, bringing with it the culmination of months of nail-biting moments, last-minute victories, and unforeseen upsets. The Front Door Cup title hangs in the balance, and the tension is palpable. With only one game separating Guy #1 and Guy #3, the stakes have never been higher.

Guy #1, the frontrunner and defending champ, has maintained a precarious one-game lead throughout the season. His picks have been a rollercoaster of emotions for the ShedHeads, swinging from jubilation to heartbreak. With the Front Door Cup tantalizingly close, can he hold his nerve and make the right calls in the championship week?

On the other end of the spectrum is Guy #3, the dark horse who’s been steadily gaining ground. His strategic picks and uncanny ability to make picks ATS have kept him in the hunt. Championship week provides him with the golden opportunity to stage a comeback and steal the Front Door Cup right from under Guy #1’s nose. He is searching for his first title and he has never been this close.

As for Guy #2, the middle-of-the-pack contender, he may not be in the running for the title, but his picks could play the role of kingmaker. With the power to influence the final standings, will he go for strategic upsets or play it safe? His choices could have a ripple effect on the destiny of the Front Door Cup.

The stage is set with five major conference championship games standing between the Guys and glory. The air is thick with anticipation, and every pick feels like a make-or-break moment. Will Guy #1 maintain his lead and secure the Front Door Cup, or will Guy #3 stage a comeback for the ages?

As the ShedHeads gather around the virtual water cooler, the chatter is electrifying. Speculation runs wild, and alliances form as users discuss strategies, analyze stats, and share gut feelings about the impending showdown. The excitement is contagious, and the GreenShedGuys family braces itself for a weekend of heart-stopping action.

Championship week is not just about football; it’s about camaraderie, rivalry, and the thrill of the unknown. As the drama unfolds, only time will reveal who will emerge victorious and etch their name into the annals of Front Door Cup history.

We are picking each of the Power 5 championship games this week because no one cares about G5 schools (other than the Day One Buffalo Bulls).

  1. #5 Oregon v. #3 Washington
  2. #18 Oklahoma State v. #7 Texas
  3. #1 Georgia v. #8 Alabama
  4. #2 Michigan v. #16 Iowa
  5. #14 Louisville v. #4 Florida State

Guy #1 (39-24-2 Overall)

  • Oregon -9.5
  • Oklahoma State v. Texas O55
  • Georgia -5.5
  • Michigan TT O28
  • Louisville v. Florida State U47.5

Guy #2 (32-31-2 Overall)

  • Oregon v. Washington 1h u33
  • Oklahoma State v. Texas o55
  • Michigan TT o28.5
  • Alabama v. Georgia o54.5
  • Florida State -1.5

Guy #3 (38-25-2 Overall)

  • Washington +9.5
  • Texas -11.5
  • Alabama +5.5
  • Michigan v. Iowa o35.5
  • Louisville v. Florida State u49

Buckle up! The rollercoaster ride of championship week is about to begin, and it promises to be a spectacle that will be remembered for seasons to come. May the best Guy win!

Stay tuned and may your picks be ever in your favor.