A Front Door Cup Champion Crowned

December 7, 2022

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The Front Door Cup race was tight coming into this week. G2 held a one game lead and needed to put up a decent week if he wanted to have any chance of sealing the deal this week or pushing the FDC into post season play. Here is how the week shook out:

Guy #1 (5-0)

  1. Utah v. US o66.5 – W
  2. Kansas State v. TCU u62 – W
  3. Georgia -17 – W
  4. Clemson v. North Carolina u63.5 – W
  5. Michigan -17 – W

Guy #2 (1-4)

  1. USC -2.5 – L
  2. Kansas State v. TCU o62 – L
  3. LSU v. Georgia u52.5 – L
  4. North Carolina +7.5 – L
  5. Michigan -17 – W

Guy #3 (4-1)

  1. Utah TT u32 – L
  2. Kansas State v. TCU u62 – W
  3. Georgia -17.5 – W
  4. Clemson v. North Carolina u63.5 – W
  5. Purdue v. Michigan o52 – W

We would like to formally congratulate Guy #1 as the 2022 Front Door Cup Champion. After a long season of hard work crunching numbers and finding his edge, Guy #1 gets his first FDC Championship title. It was a close race been G1 and G2 but G2’s consistency couldn’t hold off G1’s late season push. Here is how the season broke down.

Guy 1 did not win a linear championship and had his ups and downs through the season. In 14 weeks, G1 had 10 winning weeks including 2 weeks at 5-0 and 3 weeks at 4-1. These great weeks were enough to combat his 3 weeks of 1-4 and let him to an overall record of 42-28.

As you can see, going into Week 7, G2 was incredibly sharp, going 21-9 up to that point. Bookmakers clearly noticed this success and adjusted the numbers to combat G2’s growing net worth. Weeks 7-14 were not as kind to G2 as he went 18-22 rest of season. He only posted 2 winning weeks during that span and went 2-3 five times in the final eight weeks. Though he struggled in the second half of the season, G2 finished with an impressive record of 39-31.

Guy 3’s season was downhill from the start. He only posted 5 winning weeks and went 1-4 and abysmal 5 times. He saved his best week of the season for Championship week when he went 4-1. On a positive note, he was the only Guy to push a game this year, showing that G3 might just be as sharp as Vegas. There weren’t many highlights in G3’s season as he went a pathetic 29-40-1.

On a positive note, none of the Guys posted an 0-5 week and had 3 weeks of perfection, going 5-0. G1 and G2’s combined record was 81-59 (57.86%) while the Shed as a whole went 110-99-1 (52.63%).

Congrats to Guy 1 on the Front Door Cup Championship. We would like to send a heartfelt thank you to our hundreds of thousands of ShedHeads and supporters. It was a long season and we’re looking forward to Bowl Season. Stay tuned for some bowl game picks and off-season blogs regarding the hottest topics on the CFB atmosphere.